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Webinar: Email Brand Protection - Whose Problem is it Anyway?
Attend the Webinar on 18th June to hear about…
The role of IT Security and Marketing teams in a brand protection strategy.
Counting the costs - how to measure the impact of phishing attacks against your brand - now and in the longer term.
Real life examples from phished brands - the cross-departmental implications of an attack on your brand.
Legal considerations - responsibility for brand protection in the eyes of the law.
The Marketing perspective on brand protection - potential risks of crumbling customer loyalty and negative PR to revenues.
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Understanding the roles of Marketing and IT Security to minimise the risks of phishing
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Date: Wednesday, 18th June
Time: 3:30pm AEST (Sydney time)
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IT Security and anti-phishing - whatever your industry, lack of strategy on phishing can have significant financial implications to your business.