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Email Intelligence Report Q4 2012
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The ultimate email contest
Was the 2012 US Presidential election decided in the inbox before the ballot box? See the outcomes of the campaign that offered one of the richest ever test-beds for subject lines.
Winners and losers
Average global read rates were down year-on-year. Find out which industry sectors bucked the trend and not only got more mail into subscribers’ inboxes, but got more read, too.
Is bigger better?
The top internet retailers managed to consistently outperform smaller online merchants in both mail delivery and engagement. When it comes to brands, does size matter?
Mostly mobile
Mobile dominates when consumers aren’t at work, with more messages opened on smart phones and tablets than any other platform. Learn why a solid mobile strategy is do-or-die.
Email security divides retailers
As phishing spreads from financial brands into retailers’ mainstreams, discover how marketers can protect email, consumers and brands with the latest standard.
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Engaging email subscribers got harder towards the end of 2012.
Consumers read less of the email that made it to their inboxes, even as their mailbox providers kept more out. But that didn’t stop some savvy email marketers from bucking the trend and getting more messages read. This report reveals how.
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Slice and dice
Get the results of our Inbox Placement Benchmark broken down by region, country and industry and see how you compare with your peers.