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Research: The Email Subscriber Experience 2008 - 2013
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Email Signup Practices
The amount of personal data collected is just one shift in typical subscription policies today.
The Impact of a Good Start
Marketers are learning how to make new subscribers feel welcome, and it may be making a difference.
How Frequency Affects Performance
Frequent senders sometimes push some best practice boundaries, but subscribers aren't complaining.
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How Email Tactics and Consumer Behavior Have Evolved in Five Years

In 2008 some of the world's most recognized brands refused to let consumers onto their email lists without street address, date of birth, and often more. Today, many are content with an email address. This is only one small example of the changes highlighted in this comparison of email marketing then and now.
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The Personalization Paradox
Once an unchallenged best practice, personalization may not deliver what some marketers expect.
Whitelist Reminders' Unintended Consequence
A seemingly commonsense practice correlates with an unexpected benefit to senders.
Why to Let 'em Off Easy
The new unsubscriber experience is generating goodwill and valuable consumer feedback for senders.