The Email Intelligence Report Q3 2012

The good news for consumers is that most spam is now blocked before reaching the inbox.

Why is this bad news for marketers?

If you’re tracking your email campaigns’ performance, you may feel pretty good about the results.  After all, email reaches consumers more effectively than any other digital marketing approach.

However, without completely understanding and managing your sending reputation—including complaint rate, unknown users, and inbox placement rate—you risk being mistaken for a spammer by ISPs that will unilaterally block your messages.

Download the Email Intelligence Report to see how your peers are meeting this challenge and find actionable information that will increase your inbox placement rate and maximize your company's ROI.

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Inside this report:

  • Why some permission-based marketing messages look "spammy"
  • How inbox placement rates trended in Q3 2012 compared to 2011
  • How low inbox placement rates affect ROI
  • The importance of subscriber panels in monitoring inbox placement rates
  • Which B2B enterprise spam filters marketers struggle with the most