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New Research: The Tabbed Inbox and Consumer Engagement
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Tabs Adoption Rates
Predictions that many users would eventually switch back haven't come true yet.
How Gmail Users Sort Mail
Almost 40% modified their inboxes, signaling how they prioritize message types.
Who Moved Messages to Primary
When senders told subscribers to direct their mail to the Primary tab, few listened.
Where Messages Go
Commercial mail overwhelmingly goes to Promotions - which may help marketers.
What They *Don't* Want
Messages delivered to one tab generated more complaints than others. A lot more.
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How Gmail Changed the Way Consumers Engage with Promotional Messages
The relatively low impact of Gmail tabs on marketing performance and user engagement hides a fundamental change in the way consumers experience commercial email.

Download this new research report to learn how Tabs have taught Gmail users a new and potentially more efficient way to shop from their inboxes.
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Winners and Losers
Contrary to doomsayers' warnings, some sectors perform *better* in the tabbed inbox.