Podcast: Lessons for Marketers from Hurricane Sandy

With Ken Magill, The Magill Report and Margarita Golod, Director, Product Marketing, Return Path

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  • How email campaigns featuring Hurricane Sandy sales fared with customers
  • Which email marketing messages produced the best response
  • The biggest email marketing surprises from Hurricane Sandy
  • How marketers can be more sensitive and agile the next time a natural disaster or crisis strikes
As residents of the east coast were coping with the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, a few marketers took advantage of the disaster to drive discounts and other promotions. Some of these emails produced high read rates--along with outrage from the press and those impacted by the storm. Other companies responded with timely, personalized messages that resonated with their customers, but did the sensitive approach increase subscriber engagement?

Analyzing data from Return Path's Inbox Insight tool with more than 2 million subscribers, Ken Magill and Margarita Golod review the best and the worst examples from email marketing campaigns deployed during Hurricane Sandy. They identify the types of marketing messages that appeared to increase customer loyalty while protecting company brand and reputation. 

In this 6-minute podcast, Ken and Margarita discuss: