Podcast: Email Best Practices for Mobile

With Ken Magill of The Magill Report, and Stephanie Colleton, Director, Response Consulting, Return Path

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  • The growing importance of rendering emails for mobile users
  • Which platform should marketers worry about most--iOS or Android?
  • How to optimize design for mobile readers
  • Responsive design--what is it and should marketers use it?
Return Path's recent mobile study reveals that users are reading more email from mobile devices than from the desktop. In fact, the number of emails read on mobile devices has grown 300% in just 2 years. The explosive growth of mobile devices means it's more important than ever for marketers to analyze their audience reading habits and tailor their content appropriately.  

In this 15-minute podcast, email industry insider, Ken Magill, interviews Return Path's Stephanie Colleton to uncover key factors to consider when creating content for mobile devices. Stephanie also provides tips to ensure email content is optimized across a variety of platforms and devices.  

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