Return Path
Marketer's Field Guide to Gmail,, and Yahoo!
Read the guide to discover…
How the world’s largest webmail providers filter spam
Find out how subscriber engagement, content and reputation influence deliverability
Inbox Features
View the different inbox productivity features and how they can affect your email marketing campaigns.
Postmaster Services
Discover which services each webmail provider has for marketers and how to sign-up for each one.
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Wondering what it takes to reach the inbox at Gmail,, and Yahoo!? 
According to a recent study, permissioned based email never reaches its intended destination -- your customer's inbox -- about 20% of the time.

Email deliverability today is driven by content and reputation filtering. This new field guide aims to help you overcome the confusion from the different rules of deliverability.

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Email Infrastructure
Understand what Gmail, and Yahoo! require for authentication, DNS, and more…
Enterprise Filters
See who has hosts enterprise email and how B2B deliverability is blurring the lines with B2C.
Know which webmail provider has public whitelists and which ones use accreditation services.