2012 Return Path Sender Score™ Benchmark Report
Read the report to discover…
The main factors impacting email deliverability that comprise the Return Path Sender Score
The challenges for ISPs in filtering out the spam that accounts for over 85% of all emails
Why legitimate senders who fail to implement best practices can become collateral damage in the war against spam
A review of global, regional and sector-specific deliverability trends
Practical guidance on how to improve your sender score and increase your ‘power to be heard’
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2012 Sender Score™ Benchmark Report
The Return Path Sender Score measures a business’ ability to communicate with its customers. It’s as important to email marketers as a credit score is to consumers.

This benchmark report presents the findings of a review of 130 million IP addresses sending nearly 20 trillion emails, together with recommendations for deliverability best practices.
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